The mobile web is still a challenge for a lot of travel companies

Only 48% of major brands and travel companies have a mobile optimized site. A chilling fact that reveals the latest study published by IAB.

As if that were not enough, the Mobile Travel Audit IAB indicates that 34% of the top 50 travel companies in the UK does not have mobile presence, while only 4% of these brands have a version specially designed for tablets .A reality that clashes with the behavior of users. The study indicates that clients connect up to 34 times a day by some device.

Although these data refer to businesses in the UK, this phenomenon has also been detected in other European countries or regions. An important aspect if we also bear in mind that these businesses also tend to be oriented not only to domestic customers but tourists or foreign traveler.

The mobile web is still a challenge for a lot of travel companiesRegarding the use of mobile applications, IAB indicates that half of the companies brands has developed an app, although only 56% of them specifically used to purchase or hire some kind of service. It is rather informative applications and travel check availability and request more information about products, but without offering the option or possibility customer to make the actual purchase through this app.

The study found an even greater gap when it comes to the ability of brands to offer an integrated shopping experience, regardless of the chosen device.In this regard, only 14% of those companies that have to buy an app enabled, allowed users to complete the process in a different device that was initiated.

IAB’s work has also sought to analyze the mobile advertising strategy for these brands. In total, 42% of them has designed an optimized mobile strategy; however, this investment may not get the expected results, since they are turning to mobile customers not optimized websites. Mobile investment represents 14% of total digital investment, a considerable amount not pays off as it should.

The data reflect the inability of brands to suit the real needs of users.According to Alex Kozloff, Head of Mobile for IAB, British consumers spend an average of 43 hours per month to surf the Internet on their mobile device; a reality that brands can not ignore.

The volume of hiring online travel moves in Europe more than 98 billion euros. More than half of European tourists using online channels and mobile searches when planning your vacation. Expedia study “The Future of Travel” indicated that mobile devices were the key to the future of the travel sector, especially in the case of younger generations. 27% of Millennials book your holiday via mobile, while 14% is used to it from your tablet.

When traveling, mobile devices are a useful tool for finding information, compare prices and contract services tool. Users rely on their smart to make these requests ever more frequently displays. A reality that, according to the data, still much companies must adapt.

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