The integration of Social Media will continue to be a challenge for companies in 2019

The integration of social media and networks in global business processes will continue to be a challenge for many companies. So far, many businesses have taken the initiative, but it is necessary to work with other teams and even with high-level executives to be able to achieve the necessary changes at all levels of business.

InSites Consulting recently conducted a survey of the top marketing executives of different companies in the United States and the United Kingdom. The results revealed that only 14% of executives surveyed acknowledged that their companies had ‘fully integrated’ social media into their businesses. Meanwhile, 23% of respondents said they are working to integrate them, 24% are in a pilot or testing phase, 26% are taking their first steps and 12% were not developing any strategy in social media.

At the same time, they explained the main obstacles they face when integrating Social Media into their businesses, with 48% believing that they would not obtain greater financial benefits, while 42% believe that their products and services are not suitable for social media. Finally, 39% said that their company does not have the backing of the company’s top management.

Structurally, 69% of respondents said they agreed with the fact that their company was trying to incorporate social media into existing marketing plans and 64% acknowledged the existence of a person or team responsible for work and achieve a better integration of these media in their projects and companies.

As companies continue to make different structural changes in response to their growing importance, social media will become an important part of business organizations, encouraging their integration into other aspects of the business process. That is why, although many businesses are already at an advanced stage with great advantage over many other companies regarding the use and exploitation of social media, their integration during this new year will continue to be a challenge for the vast majority of Business.

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