The dangers of your cousin being responsible for social media in your company

So far, open an account in any social network of these that sound so much is totally free (according to Facebook, in addition, “and will remain so”), then, what is so much mystery with that of being in social networks? Does it have to cost money? Community what …? no man, I do not need that, I have a cousin who takes care of those things. If this is your case, I accompany you in the feeling, I hope you have good luck; I’m just going to give you some guidelines so that “your cousin” takes them into account:

Your company is an institution,not a group of friends who meet at the bar of a bar; I tell you this because you can not say the same thing when you’re at work, when you go out and party with your colleagues. Here we must take care of the issues that are dealt with, the tone of the communication and above all, very important, avoid personal opinions and value judgments.

As an institution, it has an image, it has a reputation to create, care for and grow.It is like the personality of the company, which has to be treated with care and extreme care; preserving it from all external attack and keeping it away from any setback that could affect it. When flying the flag of your organization you can not charge against anyone who says something about you that you do not like. It is also not a good idea to present battle in the open if you have a complaint. Here you have to know how to keep the forms and act with moderation and much education, rather than being aggressive, you must show a character dialogue, a conciliatory tone.

In what social networks does your big signing intend to act? and most importantly, what will he say? Do you already have an established goal?

Social networks are not a game for the company; you do not go to them to fill your moments of leisure. Currently they are a true channel of communication that increasingly takes center stage. I do not know if your cousin will have heard about what a strategy is, but to intervene in social media you must have one, and well-founded, on a solid foundation. This must be the result of a previous work of analysis and evaluation. If you launch freely to the adventure, the result will be as if it were thrown into the void without a parachute …

I said that, I wish the best to you and your cousin, unless with this experience you do not provoke a family crisis, besides squandering your reputation on-line….

Do you know many “cousins” who are dedicated to online marketing? Would you trust yours to manage social media in your company?

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