Social media: From talent to the effort of the Community Manager

How many times have we heard on TV in one of these Operation Trunnion programs, people who sing well and then we have not heard from that person again? How many times have we seen kids playing soccer that they do very well? How many times have we read books or articles that we liked?

The answer to all these questions are many. There are many people who have talent, who do something well, but who do not get anywhere. Recently I saw an ad on television in which Geraldine Chaplin talked about what her father told her, “the world is full of talented people who come up with nothing. He works, works and works, talent without work is nothing. ”

This is totally true. It is not enough to have the potential to do something, it is necessary to develop that capacity, perfect it and be constant to get somewhere. It is not enough to sing well, you have to work to do it better, it is not enough to play the guitar well, you have to dedicate many hours to be the best.

In the world of Social Media is the same. It is not enough just to have the gift of people to be a good Community Manager, it is necessary to acquire a series of knowledge, since we are going to have to apply them in our daily work, and it is not enough to know how to write a post or know certain data. Work, in a field in which everything evolves and changes so quickly is fundamental, not only to not stay stuck behind, but to be a better professional.

We all aspire to be good, if possible, the best in our work, or at least to live from it, and that is only achieved through dedication and effort, spending hours in front of the computer reading and working, and , even so, it is not guaranteed.

If you try your best, you may not get everything you want, but what is certain is that we will get some of all that we have been fighting for so much. To get to the finish line, it is necessary to start running the marathon, but if you run the 42 kilometers without a previous training, we will not be able to do it, we will have to leave midway through the race.

The effort and work is what leads us to where we intend to go, no matter how good we are in anything, no matter how well we do it, you can always do better, you can always perfect, and for that you need to be very constant and aware that it is essential to do it to improve.

What do you think?

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