Social media: By profession … Expert or Guru?

Many are the Social Media professionals who, on a daily basis, carry out their work without recognition by others.

These are the professionals who make the machine work, people who, in the vast majority of cases, do not know the name or the face, people who strive every day to make the image of the brand unpolluted.

However, often this class of professionals, strangers, do not have many followers, or drag large numbers of masses when they write an article on your blog, but many of them, would like to do so.

Make no mistake or be naive, the truth is that when a Social Media professional sets out to create their own personal brand, the main objective, although overlapping with creating content of value to the community, is to be known and recognized. The creation of valuable content responds in many cases to the desire to be relevant and influential in and for our audience.

This is not bad, of course not, but the case of the Gurus takes this to a higher level.

Social Media Gurus are called those people who drag large cohorts of followers for their fame and knowledge, but at the moment of truth, they are not able to prove it.

The Social Media Gurus are those who do nothing but use vain words, and, are essential for many, even without them to contribute anything. But what makes you a Gurus? The facility to communicate without saying anything and to make contacts in any field.

The question to ask would be, what is the difference between a Guru and an expert?

An expert is able to offer advice based on the experience, since it comes from the performance of their work. In addition, an expert is able to argue in a thousand different ways the same action. Probably, a Guru will learn an argument and will not be able to go further or modify his point of view.

A Guru, on the other hand, is more concerned with increasing his reputation with thousands of followers and fans than with offering quality to his audience, and the only thing he uses his audience for is to inflate his ego. A Guru is nothing more than a vendetta who has known to be at the right time and in the right place, someone who has known how to take advantage of a conjuncture at a certain time and place to achieve fame.

We must not forget that Social Media is based on the pillar of objectives: it is a means to achieve an end, and the expert will be able to not only establish those objectives together with the brand to achieve an effective presence on the internet, taking advantage of the great competitive advantage that this implies, but it will be able to mark the way forward.

The question is whether we prefer someone of great renown who does not provide real added value or someone unknown that is capable of invigorating the community and who knows, on the one hand, identify the needs of the community, and, on the other, satisfy them.

And what do you think, is it better to put a well-known Guru or unknown person who works hard at the helm of our Social Networks?

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