Referents and experts in Social Media Marketing: Haberlos, haylos!

It seems that the professions related to social media are fashionable, enjoy good acceptance. Taking advantage of this synergy, from the night to the morning, a multitude of experts and various experts have emerged, like mushrooms after the rain. The degree of popularity of this sector has reached such a level that even the figure of self-styled “gurus” has emerged. This epithet defines those characters who boast of being in possession of the most absolute truth as far as social media is concerned. But do they really possess such a high knowledge as they claim to have? Do your teachings provide any kind of value? There have always been opportunists, so you have to know how to differentiate between a true authority in the matter and the complete charlatan:

Contrast, verify, corroborate

Do not let yourself be cajoled by siren songs, you have to know that there is no miraculous remedy that will ensure you triumph in a short time, and without effort. To avoid misleading you, do not trust a priori express formulas, which promise short-term results. It will be very useful to ask for references in order to verify in some way if what they are saying is valid and try to contrast the information.

You have to learn to differentiate the grain from the chaff. You already know that rivers of ink are poured daily on this subject, explaining techniques, tricks and infallible tools to master the arts of this special type of communication that has come to be called 2.0.

Not always worth more bad known

Do not settle for the usual, go a little further. It is advisable to drink from first level sources, most are beyond our borders, so the language used is mostly English, but it will be worth the effort to decipher it (if you are not used to it yet). In this way you can extract the latest news and trends, they are the compass that indicates the right orientation. In Spain there are very good references in the sector, which act in this way to maintain a constant update of knowledge.

For his acts you will know him

When assessing the credibility of these “mentors” it is interesting that you take a look at their professional career, since the facts say much more than words. If you bring personal experience, you have achieved important successes and really prove to be a person who dominates what you do, surely you can provide valuable knowledge and advice.

Apprentice much, master of none

It has always been said that the one who covers a lot, little squeezes. To be good in this sector requires a certain degree of specialization. We are facing a medium that covers various disciplines, which in turn are exposed to suffer significant variations. To know the subject in depth, it is necessary to segmentation by areas and a high command of each specialty. A Social Media Strategist can establish an action plan very focused on achieving a specific goal, but the Community will know how to get the most out of each social network and refine the message so that the strategy is effective.

What qualities should a reference point in the sector have for you? Have you met a guru?

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