Optimistic companies with the future of content marketing

Content marketing has many uses, from helping build a brand to building loyalty or encouraging potential buyers to get into the buying process. Ecoconsultancy, in collaboration with the content marketing platform Outbrain, developed a study that recognized that a strong minority of companies and institutions around the world were already working on the design of content marketing strategies, and that there was another important number who were preparing to do so.

Among internal marketing departments, 55% acknowledged that they were working on a content marketing strategy. This figure increased to 58% in the case of agency clients. And only 8% of companies, and 13% of the latter, recognized that they did not plan to carry out a strategy in the next few years.

The most effective tool for content marketing is e-newsletters, cited by half of the internal marketing departments, followed closely by social media content with 46%, contributions to blogs (36%), videos (31 %), news and articles on own websites (29%) and press releases (27%).

E-books (4%), mobile applications (6%), printed magazines (10%), computer graphics (12%), webinars / webcasts / podcasts (13%) and white books (15%).

The internal departments are the most likely to increase the use of Twitter and Facebook, with 90% and 80% respectively, viewing them as an opportunity to distribute content, making social networks the preferred channels to share and promote. And about 60% of these departments recognize that they already use them.

Budgetary constraints are still present, but there is no question of its usefulness for a large majority of executives, who see in this practice something fundamental to create a good emotional connection with their clients. Also, and interesting to note, about three-quarters of the answers see that brands are becoming, at some point, in publishers.

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