More than half of consumers are committed with a brand online

Companies who doubt the benefits of social media marketing should consider the new results of the study by M Booth and Beyond, where it shows that more than half of consumers (53 percent) say that interact with brands through social networks. The study, The Science of Sharing, shows that the implementation of content marketing strategies are certainly keys to harvest actions and reactions of users across the web.

Creating content distributed through various social media, leads users to share or interact actively information that in turn can help companies to promote and improve sales and generate new leads.

More than half of consumers are committed with a brand onlineThe survey data also show that consumers have become more active and frantic when sharing information and opinions with friends and networking through social platforms and other forums for user-generated content such as blogs, comments and other systems. More than 40 percent of respondents said they have shared their opinions about a product, while 33 percent said they had released some general information about a product somewhere on the network.

However, the investigators mention that strategies Social media marketing is not the only resource that must attend companies, and that this process should also take into account other aspects and strategies such as SEO and search engine marketing, which may serve to direct users to the most optimal to engage with brands channels.

“Search is essential for companies and brands, and the creation of creative content that can be shared are paramount to generate greater visibility in organic search results,” he said According to David Hargreaves, CEO of Beyond, who also stood emphasized that “the marks that could identify their ‘clients evangelists’ and ‘advocates’ online and get them to share more content with their networks of contacts, friends and acquaintances, are more likely to increase their sales.”

Identify influencers on social networks, mainly those more likely to initiate and guide conversations, it can be challenging for companies, but certainly can achieve the assumed to be closer to success and goals.

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