Mobile commerce will experience significant growth during this Christmas

According to a recent IBM analysis, it is expected that during the holiday season this year, 15% of people who log on to a retailer’s website, do so from a mobile device, in an unprecedented percentage of the era of technology and mobile commerce.

The forecasts of this new report take into account the results analyzed corresponding to the last month of October, where it was found that almost 11% of people used a mobile device to visit a retail website, representing an increase of more than 250% compared to same period last year 2010.

In addition, mobile sales continue to grow, reaching a maximum of 9.6% of total sales in October 2011, compared to 3.4% in October 2010. Meanwhile, the total of online sales in the month of November is expected to experience significant growth from 12% to 15%, compared to the same last year.

However, the negative side reflects that rebound rates could also be very high, which could be around 44.2%, compared to effective online shopping rates of around 37.3%. This reflects the importance of the need for businesses, businesses and retailers to optimize their websites and purchasing processes for better access and compatibility with mobile devices.

Another important fact is the great comeback of Android users, which this year is expected to account for a share of 3.5% of online consumers, almost reaching mobile buyers who are iPhone users (4%). Recall that the previous year, Android users who made mobile purchases were less than half that of his great rival and if he has not yet exceeded, it is only thanks to the new strength that has given the iPad.

And if we talk about iPad, the study found that consumers who use this device to make purchases at retail have a higher conversion (6.8%) than users who use mobile (3.6%).

For its part, 9.2% of consumers who visited an online store, came to it from social networks, almost doubling the 5.5% recorded during the month of October last year. Facebook with 77%, is the network that has sent the most traffic to the minorities.

Most global retailers agree that customers have evolved so rapidly that they are forced to have a mobile presence. A recent survey by RSR Research showed that 78% of respondents agree with this, and 35% strongly agree.

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