Is it all to be trending topic?

To become the topic of the moment is tempting, but it is usually necessary to bore the most loyal brand users with a barrage of generic messages, experts say the agency Woo Media
Often the success of a brand on Twitter is measured by the number of followers you have and also the time that has managed to be Trending Topic (TT), the theme of the moment. But why would anyone consider inadvisable become the most talked topic of the moment, with the visibility that implies?

Is it all to be trending topicTo Woo Media analysts, the success of a community of fans on Twitter lies in a very small hard core of followers. It is a few users, it is rare that exceed 1% of the volume of the community. However, due to its characteristics of loyalty, ability to influence, active character and knowledge of the sector, are the social heart of the brand. It is what the Anglo-Saxons call the core audience.
The strategy of a community manager should always be focused on this core. It is essential to meet this group, keep you entertained and cared for and make its members feel important. The core audience wants quality content, exclusive scoops, opportunities for participation and ability to delve into the matter, whether music, sport, culture … They are going to make big brand.
As it is known, to be TT companies are often forced to leave their usual themes and currents into more general conversation. In short, they have a hard core betray waiting specialized content. Instead, you must endure a barrage of generic messages and incorporating the social ecosystem of the brand users who neither know nor care about the rules or community issues.
Ibai Cereijo, director of Woo Media and speaker of the conference Iberoamerican leadership in electronic music and social networks, which will reflect on this matter, says: “Many community managers direct all their strategy to be TT is set longer to reach large. circulation figures in form and consolidate a community of compact and useful fans. they just bored and defrauding its hard core in order to reach a large audience will forget the brand in 5 minutes, as soon as there the next big TT either on the roles of Barcenas, on Paquirrín or a football game. “
In the background, continues Cereijo, “we have not overcome yet the temptation to get free thousands or tens of thousands of supporters at a stroke of luck. But what good is incorporating thousands of followers with TT if the next day they are not going to help or expand your content or recommending a product? fan communities must be, above all, useful. the size of the community is not an end, it is a means to an end. “

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