How to improve the relationship with investors using social networks

How can social networks be used to optimize communication with investors? … certainly an interesting reflection that Social Media Monday attended in its weekly publication, aimed at training users in the use of existing tools in social networks to optimize your results

This week, the president of Abe Wischnia & Associates, a firm specializing in public relations and investor relations, examined the effectiveness of social networks in communicating with investors.

Companies with lower capitalization can benefit from greater training in the use and application of existing tools in social networks, since it would improve communication channels with potential investors, opening up options for alliances and synergies derived from the relationship.

Current investors have updated their profile and tools. Each time they are more innovative, complete and with the boldness inherent in entrepreneurship, so they are proactive in social networks and for those who increasingly social media are a way of life, in which communication is much more Interactive

Currently there are very few companies that use social networks to promote access to investors and it is true that most do not do so because of the fear and uncertainty that the term Social Media may arouse in potential investors.

What better way to encourage the active participation of shareholders than through the use of tools for analysis and statistics, if we apply these same criteria to communication with investors, the use of the same tools can be really effective.

But … Where do we start?

This can be an easy way to start, if you enable a question management system in your Web portal, it can be used by investors, which can be used, for example, as a simulator prior to reporting benefits.

This simple action optimizes the channels of communication with users, since by including this type of basic and frequent information, many hours of telephone service are saved merely informative and without any efficient result.

Do not think only about social networks, you have to think of a Web portal that serves as a platform to communicate with investors without the presence of any intermediary.

A web portal would allow the CEO of the brand to disclose details about the information published in the press, opening communication channels in relation to business plans, new products and relevant issues for investors and customers, this action would allow a totally effective feedback and enhanced by the propagation of these messages through the appropriate social networks.

Although the idea of ​​the Web site can be intimidating, a less formal language and a more relaxed communication without the limitations of the inherent costs of the distribution and with the only requirement of being revised and refined texts, it is much more efficient in terms of costs and objectives.

Do not break your head too much with the effective presence in social networks, instead of thinking which message is the most selling, make an efficient and quality update on your website and use social platforms to make it known

A recent article published by the Ross Business School of the University of Michigan indicates that there is a direct relationship between the number of Tweets of a brand in relation to events and news and an increase in demand in response to their actions.

When you launch these online tools, your interaction increases and in parallel, it gives investors the freedom to decide how they want to participate in your company.

In the most methodological aspect, it is not necessary to put all the tools to work at the same time, on the contrary, take advantage of the lessons of the error trial and try one and evaluate, before starting another.

Whether your business model focuses on the sale of a product, or whether it is the provision of services, the use of traditional marketing is no longer sufficient, so using online tools and social networks in your communications will improve your relationship with investors.

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