Can we afford to ignore our Community Manager?

Before making the leap to social networks, any organization, as far as possible, should make the effort to involve all its members in it.

Many organizations are 2.0 out of doors, without collaboration within the organization, without sharing information, and forgetting that when a company decides to be 2.0, it has to become more collaborative by implementing solid channels of internal communication.

The information that they will obtain through a good strategy in these media will be very relevant for the organization as a whole, so it is necessary to convey to all the members of it the importance that these actions will have.

The main problem is that in many cases there is no strategy and the only goal that has been marked is to have presence in social networks and how many are better present, when being present in social networks could never be an objective in itself.

This lack of strategy and that lack of definition of objectives have their origin in the ignorance of these means and therefore of the opportunities they offer, finally transmitting a bad image of the organization in these channels.

In isolated cases, these companies can count on the work and collaboration of a person who, in this situation, will try to establish a strategy based on coherent objectives, will try to identify in which social networks the brand better fits and will try to offer a faithful image of the organization.

What happens is that in many cases this person is ignored, their recommendations are not heard and when good results are not obtained in social networks they are asked for responsibilities.

The Community Manager can not do his job well if there is no such collaboration on everyone’s part. You have to have quick access to information, know and immerse yourself in the culture and values ​​of the company and be in continuous contact with all responsible and in no case and taking into account the little knowledge that you have about these channels in this type of Companies, you can ignore and ignore the recommendations of the person who is trying to put your brand in the best possible place.

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