Brands are clear, content is essential to your marketing strategies

70% of brands used brand content within a marketing strategy last year; A practice that also carried out 77% of agencies, with positive results, since 2 out of 3 of them highlights this asset as an important part of the marketing plan. This is reflected in the survey of MailOnline, where more than 600 executives of advertising and online marketing took part.

Brands are clear, content is essential to your marketing strategiesThis decision is also reinforced by increased advertising investment. 72% of respondents acknowledge having increased their budget in this area since last year, with 69% planning to allocate more resources in the coming years. Bratfon data indicate that during the last four months of the year the investment had been more than 9 billion dollars.

For its part, of those brands and agencies that still do not perform content marketing, 57% of the brands are planning to include it within its strategy for next year, along with 84% of the agencies.

Specifically, 83% of the brands strive to create content to enhance their visibility and that of their websites, as well as in e-mail marketing actions; While 70% spread its content further, relying on social networks. The Custom Content Council notes that 52% of the brands outsource this service in 2012, and is expected to increase the volume of hiring this year, touching the $ 400,000.

In order to profitability such investment, the brands bet on a multichannel strategy, taking advantage of the online content to realize their applications of offline advertising; Or transform it into an image, extracting the main conclusions in the form of infographics and even offering complete information on a topic of interest in the form of e-book.

ROI is also an important factor for these executives. When it comes to measuring the effectiveness of its actions, 30% of brands focus on brand recognition, while 32% of agencies are concerned with increasing their sales. Its clear commitment to this area indicates its effectiveness and positions content marketing as the main axis within the marketing strategy.

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