Branded Content is the future of advertising

It is a fascinating advance in the world of marketing (which already existed, but was not conceptualized) and is called “Branded Content or Brand Content”. I discovered it through a brief summary of the Branducers congress (promoted by Risto Mejide) and this advance of content marketing is a big change in the advertising mentality.

Who has not taken the opportunity to go to the bathroom while interrupting a movie or series with publicity? Who does not mind watching ads when they are watching something entertaining (be it a movie, series, documentary, etc)? The world is changing and advertising was not going to be less. We are moving from a culture of “a constant bombardment of advertisements” (where brands do not listen much to consumers) to an advertising culture in which brands listen to consumers (because the customer now has the power) and try to provide them with valuable content. Consumers increasingly like intrusive advertising less and look for content that entertains them and is useful to them. From this new trend, Branded Content arises, which is any content produced,

There are professionals who think that, around the year 2019, could completely replace the advertising to use. I have my doubts, but what I do have clear is that advertising to use will have less and less prominence in favor of Branded Content, as their methods are less annoying and more effective to promote. In addition, they represent a lower economic cost for brands than promotional ads.

Do not forget that the power of the brand is something emotional and, therefore, companies should work on the way to look for a greater “engagement” with the consumers (there it is fundamental to be successful in storytelling strategies). Therefore, CRM departments must listen to their customers and identify those contents that may be relevant to their market.

Customers are one of the best ambassadors of a brand and, therefore, we must know how to inject relevance to the brand through original and valuable content. There are companies that have already experienced the success of this new trend, such as the following: “The Hire” (by BMW), the famous “Art of Flight” (by Red Bull) etc.

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