Big Data Marketing experience an increase of 227%

Big Data has become a topic of conversation usual in digital marketing, but are they to contribute more than a conversation piece, or can be monetized as a result of your analysis?

According to data management platform provider BlueKai, data-based marketing has experienced an increase of 227% over 2013. BlueKai executives surveyed marketers and advertisers around the world in June, concluding that 91% of respondents he agreed that the use of the data prominently in segmentation strategies and focus instead.

Big Data Marketing experience an increase of 227%The survey indicates that the data are directly involved in resource allocation . A third of respondents said the data affected between 75-100% of its budget on digital marketing, while another third said they influenced 50-75% of investments.

The email is one of the areas of marketing where more relevant is data collection. However, respondents also indicated the importance it had in the retargeting to show ads and improve creativity, among other strategies.

87% of specialists rely on the importance of data collected for direct contact with customers, such as forms and web traffic, as it helps in the decision making of marketing strategies. The most frequently used data are related to the website (83%), followed by CRM and log data (79%), the email data (72%), data digital campaigns (67%) search data (45%) and the site data or mobile application (28%).

They also use this data to make minor decisions. At least three-quarters of respondents said they trusted the efforts of marketing data.

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