Advice on computer security for SMEs

The SMEs also require the use of computer security on the computers of the company. However, not always this question is valued and left untreated many points that could protect our files. Therefore, we will see some tips on computer security for SMEs, so we put a day on which aspects must be taken into account in protecting our business.

Advice on computer security for SMEsMaintaining security for SMEs

To strengthen the IT security of every business are taken into account the following aspects…

  • Make sure the passwords are really safe. They must contain at least eight characters and mix symbols, letters and numbers.
  • The network administrator should never provide your password to anyone, much less leave written where they can see or access it other employees or people outside the company.
  • You must protect yourself from spyware and virus software because they can produce deleted files, altered them or others access to them.
  • Updates the software when needed to cover weaknesses in the system. As soon as the update is available it should be installed.
  • Disable floppy drives and CD players because from them you can control the PC without too many complications. In case your company needs them, you can target a computer with these accesses but way to other computers nor their systems and files.
  • Similarly, you must configure a firewall, which are programs that analyze traffic from a computer, both incoming and outgoing, and block specific ports and protocols.
  • Sometimes you have installed remote access programs to work from other devices. Avoid providing access to any or it may become large open to all information of SMEs doors.
  • Always use legal software because those who are not licensed can damage your equipment, and it is not exactly cheap to repair these problems. Also, the fines that can be derived from illegal use are quite high.
  • Always eliminates spam because they may contain viruses.

Many times you think that who will want to know anything about my SME. Since this is the first fault is precisely because you never know who wants to know why and what the reason is. The computer security (basic) does not require a huge effort but is based primarily on small rules and routines that are not difficult to carry out and that can protect us from disgruntled employees, competitors or malicious thieves.

What do you think these tips on computer security for SMEs?

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