56% of the companies already contract external agencies for the generation of contents

Content marketing continues to gain adherents as a strategy to increase brand awareness. This was evidenced by the recent survey conducted by ContentWise along with the Custom Content Council (CCC).

The investment in brand content during the last two years has grown 13%, which means more than a million and a half dollars. 79% of companies surveyed recognize that this strategy is included in their marketing plan; Even 52% say that they have allocated part of this investment to the hiring of content creation during this year.

This is a step forward; 56% of the companies already hire external agencies for the generation of content, as well as other content marketing services, using agencies specialized in Social Media, PR, advertising, design and interactive agencies. This represents an increase of 46.6% over the previous year, a figure that is around one million dollars.

Other important conclusions drawn from the study:

  • The dissemination of the content created follows a multi-channel strategy, used for both online and offline media. Between 66% and 74% of the generated content is included in the Social Media strategy.
  • The total company average for outsourcing content generation exceeded all expectations, reaching $ 371,364.
  • Total investment in brand content also increased compared to the previous year, to $ 1,725,736 versus $ 1,640,107 in the previous year.
  • The main reasons that led brands to launch a content marketing strategy are: providing information to customers, achieving greater loyalty to the brand, increasing sales and customer loyalty.
  • 38% of those surveyed plan to increase the budget for content marketing.

What percentage of your budget do you spend on content marketing? Do you use external resources?

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