5 Recommendations to make our Social brand

What is the message that sends your brand to customers with whom interact socially?

In this age, where social networks are as relevant as you cannot to afford to communicate their messages and expect the consumer to take them as absolutes without question (for example: We offer the best service, we give our word). Nor can go to the other end and remain completely passive.

Social media channels have increased, as has also increased the need for simultaneous communication and effortless. As the presidential candidates are under constant scrutiny, just as they are brands and company.

Therefore brands and companies require a consistent and compelling voice and does not have moments of doubt. What follows are five recommendations that will allow you to share your messages with confidence…

5 Recommendations to make our Social brandDetermine the personality of your brand

Most small businesses grow organically, adding customers and services over time. By evolving, winning reputation on how professionally handled.

To determine the voice of your brand, it is essential to identify the competencies that define the personality of your company, that is, what makes the customers come to your business. It is innovative or avant-garde? It is comical or informal? Compare your brand with a car, a hotel, or a CEO. Your brand is like Steve Jobs? It is comparable to a BMW or Nissan ™ ™? It is a Four Seasons ™ or Holiday Inn Express ™? Define your personality and you can speak with greater ease and conviction.

Identify your true audience

All comedian will tell you that the same material causes a different effect on each audience. This is true. Ensure that knows his audience, one that is receptive to their messages and consistent with your brand.

For example, if a B2B, LinkedIn ™ and Google + ™ company are a fertile field for your messages that Twitter ™ or Facebook ™. Instead of using a shotgun approach, I align your brand or commit resources only social communities who are receptive to your message.

Join specific groups or forums in your industry or service. Participate with thoughtful and within your area of expertise answers. While it is important to measure your social influence is useless if you speak to the wrong audience. To find out more about your audience, see demographic information through Facebook ™ Insights is of great value.

Develop a consistent tone

When we talk about a brand, consistency the most important, so always use the same language or tone in all communication. There is no right or wrong way to always speak and when to be consistent.

If your media is generated by several people in your organization, ensure that all thoroughly understand what the personality of your brand (item # 1) and therefore all communication is consistent with it.

Timing is everything

Knowing when to speak is crucial to have a credible voice in the market. Early or late it is also preliminary and may cause your message to appear desperate or irrelevant.

Set up Google Alerts with industry keywords, to stay informed, up to date and ready for feedback and comment when appropriate.

Google Alerts is easy to set up and takes only a few seconds. It can be configured to be notified seminal or daily via email.

Updated information allows you to make appropriate announcements, avoiding overwhelm your audience. Periodic and at the right time, contributions shows that there is someone present in your company that researches and shares relevant, specific and timely information.

If your blog is updated every 6 months, that speaks ill of your company and brand.

If you start communicating your brand, make sure you have the skills and commitment to do so on a regular and consistent. If not wait to have armed the right equipment before doing so.

Practice makes a master

The doubt comes from lack of confidence. Nothing creates faster than practice confidence. Fortunately, the Internet is a great opportunity to perfect the voice of your brand.

Start with your company Blog (Blog If you have not you?) And build an archive of articles that demonstrate your experience.

These contributions may be published in several directories to increase the reach of your blog.

Look for other relevant to your area of expertise to contribute as publisher sites on a topic. Post occasional tweets, type in Facebook and LinkedIn. All this will help you become a respected voice.


Knowing the personality of your brand your audience, talk consistently at the right time and target the right audience undoubtedly strengthen its brand identity.

Following these easy recommendations will be easier to communicate with their growing audience. Over time you will write in your own words using the language of your audience.

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