40% of peoples look for their Christmas gifts in the collective shopping portals

One in four people resorts to collective shopping portals when it comes to looking for their gifts this Christmas. The purchase of tickets for shows, beauty treatments, gastronomy and the hiring of weekend getaways center most of the actions of online shopping that are developed, at this time.

These are some of the conclusions of an opinion study prepared by Emailing Network, a company specializing in the development of online marketing strategies, which highlights the growing interest of people in the offers offered by this type of portals on a daily basis. In fact, 60% of respondents admit to having significantly increased their consumption of leisure since, at the end of 2009, grouped shopping websites broke into the online universe.

“The clear upward trend of this business model has been strengthened by the strong discounts and simplicity when it comes to getting the service or product,” says Pablo Nowenstein, founder of Emailing Network. That is one of the keys to a business model that, according to Forbes, has experienced the fastest growth in history.

A business model that, as indicated by LetsBonus, is an excellent channel of promotion for local businesses. From the pioneering website of the collective purchase, a new independent channel is offered to businesses that allows them to reach millions of customers quickly and efficiently. This is a great opportunity for commerce as well as a great benefit for users who benefit from all kinds of leisure offers in establishments in their area and at prices that, in many cases, have discounts of up to 70%. A decisive factor when making the purchase considering that 62% of people recognize that the search for “bargains” is their main impulse when buying online.

What aspect do you value most in the online stores in which you buy?

While the price is one of the most important factors for customers when accessing any of the collective shopping portals, from Planeo they consider it essential to bet on “a differentiating proposal, with the best offers for each category with the objective of therefore guarantee the highest quality in each product “.

A new business model. Given the success of this type of portals and with the firm objective of supporting the webs and an added service to the consumer, Emailing Network has promoted ClicPlan, an aggregator of grouped shopping offers that little more than half a year after its birth and it hits the million users.

This online community allows users to unify the most interesting offers offered by the different shopping portals grouped in a single newsletter. In this way, the consumer receives daily, in a single email, a complete selection of the best offers categorized by sectors of interest and geographic scope. “In a single email, Clicplan facilitates all this task by bringing together all leisure, travel and fashion plans in the same community,” says Nowenstein. In this sense, this aggregator goes a step further and offers each user customized plans depending on the city in which they reside or their purchasing habits.

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