10 Keys to increase your influence online

Having online influence today is vital on the road to building your personal branding. Get different and earn the trust of your community is absolutely necessary if you want to make a hole in the sector. As you well know, the way is done walking, so here are the first steps …

Define your personality online . Take your time and self-assess yourself; Find out who you are and what you want to be. Once this is done, make known those characteristics that differentiate you, that make you special and show who you are. Work your strengths and be yourself; never try to pretend that you are not, right away you would see the duster.

Choose your own influential characters and follow their steps . Aim high and look at the best; it studies its trajectory and modus operandi. Apply to your benefit those tactics or tips that you find most useful.

Choose your specific niche and work hard , do not be one more, aspire to become a benchmark in the sector. For this you have to be up to date, drink from the main sources of information and never stop training.

Be coherent with your message in all your appearances . It shows a clearly defined personality; that you are authentic Leave your personal stamp in each performance.

Before picking up, you have to know how to sow . If you do not contribute with your knowledge, if you do not develop an interesting content strategy, or your performance in social profiles lacks relevance; It will be very difficult to get them to take you into account.

Apply emotion in your daily activity . Show that you are human with each tweet, in each phrase of your blog; that your followers prove that you really exist and have your own personality, that you are different. Your content must stand out for something, provide a differential value that makes you unique and for which you are appreciated.

Find out where your target audience is and worry about being there . Explore the most specific niche markets, move between special social networks and act wherever your target is. It is important to act on general social networks, but if you know that your followers are not on Facebook, it is not worthwhile to make an effort; On the other hand, there may be very interesting groups on Linkedin that deserve your full attention.

Be constant in your work. Develop a plan of actions, including a planning of content publication; the frequency of updating your social networks and the time dedicated to improving your online presence, consulting statistics and monitoring your activity. Create your blog, send a newsletter to your contacts with the most remarkable of your publications; develop parallel actions of online marketing and integrate social networks into your strategy. If you carefully calculate your actions and optimize your work plan, you will dose your efforts and show a professional and effective attitude.

Da face . Always respond to comments on your blog and questions raised through any social channel. Take advantage of these opportunities to raise the rate of interactions with your community and encourage engagement.

Draw strategic alliances . One of the main characteristics of the 2.0 medium is the collaborative attitude. Networking is the fundamental element that allows this medium to evolve. Know your followers, research their profiles and interact with those with whom for some reason they may be interested, either because you are related sectors, complementary or have common concerns. Openly address those professionals whose activity interests you, remember that unity is strength.

Becoming an influential person is a matter of proposing it . If you are an authentic person, you strive daily to contribute something different, act like a true professional; you show yourself close and available for those who require your attention and do not allow your ego to blind you, you can earn the respect of your sector.

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