Why should our brand be Social?

Thanks to social networks, companies have found a new form of promotion and dissemination, both for their products or services and for their own brand image. The companies have understood that it is in this sector where they can find their clients and that is why they have decided to take the leap and go look for them.

However, there are still companies that are not clear about the importance of becoming social enterprises, making the definitive leap.

Apart from the fact that in social networks the costs for a company are lower and that the ROI is something that we can measure, it is about generating conversation with customers, chatting with them and being attentive to their needs.

As data, it is worth noting that more than 30% of the world’s population is online, which means a large number of potential customers for the company that, otherwise, could not reach.

On the other hand, if we take into account that more than 80% of Americans use at least one social network, we can see the presence of users on the Internet, in addition to the creation of a social profile is something that does not require much work and It can easily be incorporated into a marketing strategy.

Another reason to convert our company into is that 53% of active users in social networks follow a particular brand by the content and the value it offers, in addition to following the brand in offline channels, not only In Internet. Also, the presence in social networks offers companies instant feedback, whether or not we are on social networks, customers will discuss their experience with the online brand. Having an online presence means not giving them the opportunity to criticize our brand without us knowing it and also being the ones who handle the conversations that take place on us.

If we add the exponential exposure provided by social networks to the previous ones, we can no longer discard the presence on these platforms for our brand. We can create a very important engagement in these platforms in a more or less fast, effective and “free” way, although really the free term is not correct, because it requires, as we all know a great effort and work. Something that we should not forget or ignore is that every time our brand is mentioned on social networks, it is reinforced.

As we mentioned before, measuring ROI is also something that benefits social networks. We can perfectly know what the benefits come from our investment, searching and sharing relevant content, becoming a popular brand.

Some data that reinforce the importance of having a presence in Social Media are, for example, that 48% of small entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs boost their sales thanks to Social Media, or that 58% of them have saved costs thanks to marketing online, or that even 72% of marketing professionals manage their own social profiles.

Undoubtedly, these data should make us reflect on the importance of being social for companies.

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