When trust, integrity and honesty are worth their weight in gold?

With the rise of online media, those traditional and unidirectional as the press, radio or television, are being relegated gradually. Not only in the time that they are dedicated, but also on the credibility attached to them.

For companies (also for governments and lobbies) it is much more difficult to control and manage the information shared online and anyone can issue or help disseminate certain information as barriers to entry, unlike the huge investments posed by then called mass media are virtually nonexistent.

When trust, integrity and honesty are worth their weight in goldSo, they are made public and notorious business reprehensible behavior that could have reached just before impact. Malpractices, abuses, deceptions, defaults or high-handed treatment of clients are exposed, disseminated and answered through blogs and social networks.

The new consumers are increasingly aware of this and this gives them strength. Many large corporations and even entire economic sectors, yet still anchored in an arrogant view of your business. Where are they who put conditions, ninguneando and exploiting its users sometimes to the limits of legality and often, beyond tolerable.

This can afford it because they know in a dominant position, where customers may feel genuine hostages of their products and services. Even sometimes, because they know backed by laws and privileges that underpin their unsustainable behavior.

In this scenario, the public becomes increasingly sensitive to the trust and closeness that other companies are able to offer. Even sectors that have nothing to do with those who feed their frustration.

companies whose practices are transparent, aimed at customer satisfaction in a deal that is perceived as fair and where care for and pamper the details that make appreciate that each of the phases of a commercial transaction a place to feel confident and secure.

It is no coincidence that the “Do not be evil” of Google, has been until very recently, one of the best values of the company.

Information, advice, quality, treatment, support and guarantees must be clear, simple to understand and above all have to defend the rights and interests of both parties, without any of them feel subjected or exposed arbitrarily other conditions that try to impose.

I have no doubt that ethics and honesty are values higher. Real assets capable of generating value and impeccable image brand, where customers are your best friends, who must care for them, in turn, take care of you.

We spend huge amounts of money to meet our clients: market research, development of sales techniques, neuromarketing … Even the language traditionally used in our area is clearly hawkish “campaigns” are made to reach our “target” and generate a huge “impact”. There are even “responsible territory”.

It is much smarter to spend time and effort to make themselves known. Trust is earned, not bought. In a bidirectional relationship we must become partners and friends of our customers. It is not a friendship interest but pure common sense.

We look through the generation of “quality content” engagement, appeal to emotions and influence consumers while positioning us in the search engines. We have heard many times that “content is king” that we do not realize that ethics, our public behavior, is the true generator of final engagement.

All this is not something exclusive to companies, also and especially applies to professionals. Our social profiles, information about our work and behavior, our labor relations will be increasingly exposed and accessible. It is our indelible fingerprint. In the staff called branding, the magic ingredient that distinguishes you above any other candidate or partner, is the confidence that you inspire.

No longer enough to have a great experience, knowledge or skills, you must be above all full and reliable. Otherwise, otherwise, it will not be worth anything.

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