Users want to pay with their cell phone but have doubts

The first study on mobile payments in Social Media, jointly conducted by MasterCard and Prime Research, indicates that there is a high interest in adopting mobile payments by users, but it is a payment channel still unknown, which raises doubts Of use, in addition to seriously worrying the security and what attention the customer will have in case of problems. 

The study, presented in the framework of the Mobile World Congress, has been carried out through social channels. In it has registered for 6 months the social conversation around mobile payments and the predisposition of users to adopt it, Analyzing for it 85,000 comments, published in blogs, forums, Twitter and Facebook of 43 countries, in 26 different languages.

The main conclusions that derive from this conversation are the following:

  • 58% of regular users of technology are in favor of starting to pay with their mobile. This opinion is strengthened among those who do not yet use these devices; 76% are in favor, highlighting as advantages its comfort, innovation and utility.
  • Asia, Australia and the United States are the areas that showed greater willingness to adopt this new system, while France and Canada stand out because of their skepticism. A feeling that could spread throughout Europe, where its inhabitants openly expressed their concern about security and questioned the viability of the system. Especially in the United Kingdom, users expressed their interest in this progress, but they agree with their mainland neighbors about the difficulties of their implementation.
  • In the United States the conversation went a little further, its users showed interest in the compatibility of the mobile payment with the rest of existing payment systems ..
  • Of the 85,000 opinions analyzed in the study, only 6% were negative, while 28% were positive and a broad 66% used a neutral tone.

It is a payment system still very incipient, but of an undeniable utility, so it is important to invest in security, as well as transmit confidence to users, so that they can break down these initial barriers.

What do you think about this new method of payment? Would you start using it already?

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