To 5 excuses, 5 good reasons to be in social networks

Regardless of the motivations that each particular company has about its presence and participation in social networks, (improvement in reputation, better indexing in search engines, leads, sales, …), the percentage of companies that today is still very high, nor do they consider opening profiles on these platforms.

If you do so, convinced that you still do not have a well-planned strategy to face this new objective; perfect. But if your refusal is based on one of these 5 excuses, I humbly ask you to rethink your idea with these 5 reasons.

I’m not because my clients are not on social networks

According to the study of the 4th wave of Social Networks in Spain, 91% of Spanish Internet users have at least one profile in social networks.

Very soon, there will be no distinction between Internet users and users of social networks. If we extend the study to the entire spectrum of the active population base, the percentage is 86%. Therefore, all, absolutely all age and sector ranges, are represented within social networks. If by chance you had the bad luck that your sector is not particularly active (which I doubt), you should bear in mind that you can indirectly reach your client, through their relationships within social networks via the recommendation of a reference. Just ask yourself: How many times have you clicked on “Like” a page or have you started to follow a brand just because a friend of yours has done it?

I’m not because they’re going to criticize me

First I would ask you: How are you so sure? Obviously, if your company gives a bad service and if their products are nothing short of a scam; almost certainly they will criticize you. But; Now I would say to you: “I have bad news for you, surely they are already criticizing you, only you do not want to know”.

Social networks do not improve the internal processes of a company or teach education to your call center. That should have been resolved a long time ago.

If you want to have first-hand information about what is said about your company or product in social networks, you should first establish a good monitoring panel. And then, having a presence in social networks will allow you to defend yourself, answer and above all; Address the claims of your current and future customers.

I’m not because it’s for frikies

A couple of years ago, that perception spread and was practically installed in the subconscious of all company managers. And anything farter from the reality. Social networks are all very easy to use, and are absolutely secondary within your strategy. The first thing you have to establish is what, how and where you are going to communicate with your community. Therefore, in my opinion, the management of social networks should be controlled by the marketing and communication people of the companies. And of course, with the support and help of all the integrated departments within the company.

I’m not because I do not have time for those things

Today, the conversation and therefore, the people, is in the social networks. Saying “I do not have time for social networks” is the same as saying “I do not have time to get new clients and attend to current ones”. Do you really want to turn your back on your business? No need to be hooked 24 hours a day. You can evaluate how many downtimes you have throughout the day and optimize your strategy to take advantage of them.

I’m not because nobody guarantees my return on my investment

Every time you greet a customer who enters your store and then does not buy, you ask yourself, what is the return on my investment in greeting? I know that my comparison is exaggerated, but you must see it in the same way. If you can get direct conversions through social networks; perfect. But the most natural thing will be that you go forming a “community” of prescribes, that sharing information and valuable content, you will have to transform into evangelizes and recommended of your brand or service. That obviously takes the same amount of time it takes to build a human relationship. Because in fact it is that. The construction of a long-term relationship. Therefore, good consultants will recommend that you do not base your strategy always on gifts and contests, because as happens in the real world;

As my boss Víctor Manuel Gañán says, “if you think that this is the future, it is that you are already behind”. Social networks are already installed in popular culture. The television programs use the hashtag to communicate with their audience, the news every time happen more events born within these communication environments. People (and more young people) use it as their main means of connecting with their peers. All you have to do is train yourself, and think about the best way to get into that conversation. Not too long, not having at least a corporate profile in social networks, will mean almost the same as not having put a phone in your company. Think about it …

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