The professionalization of digital agencies

Until only three years ago, it was difficult to find digital agencies with more than 25 employees, a turnover that would cover more than the day to day and in which the multinational companies saw a real development opportunity. 

Today the picture is completely different. There are many interactive agencies that exceed 50 people, several others grow at annual rates of 30%, invoice more than one million dollars a year, stopped being small and became medium-sized companies according to their turnover and have a well-defined plan of strategic development. They have long defined the vision and mission of the company and today they work with Balanced Scorecard to determine the bonuses of their executives.

Despite these signs of success, it is not uncommon that there is still the old perception that digital agencies – which are one more branch of advertising agencies – are made up of people who lack structure, order or organization.

However, at present, these companies are a valid and fully competitive alternative to other companies because they have advantages and attractive characteristics that transform them into a more than interesting field in which to develop professionally, and not only for advertisers, designers or journalists, but also for commercial or civil engineers.

The attributes that characterize the agencies such as flexibility, creativity, innovation, dynamism and good work environment, now add the existence of business strategy areas based on digital media, metrics or business intelligence areas. On the other hand, salaries in this industry have increased significantly, standing at the level of those offered by large corporations. Another advantage is that they offer a dynamic professional development, and it is not necessary to wait three to five years to ascend, because these are organizations that constantly need to adapt to the competitive environment with new structures, responsibilities and functions.

The development of digital agencies also advances hand in hand with universities, it is no longer rare that there are chairs or elective courses in digital marketing or digital business development in careers like Commercial Engineering or Industrial Civil Engineering of prestigious universities, that every semester they replenish their classrooms. In addition, the increase in customer knowledge also pushes for the agencies to have to go ahead with the knowledge to stay ahead of the curve.

In conclusion, today digital agencies are at the height of any mature company: they grow steadily and with Human Resources departments concerned with developing and retaining talents and for that reason, they are no longer based on the knowledge that only the owner can have. , the general manager or the founder, but it is understood that professionalization comes from the universities with the most demanded careers.

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