The powerful attraction effect of Inbound Marketing

The birth of the concept of inbound marketing was born as a response to the evolution of the behavior of users on the internet and the study of their needs and requirements.

It is true that there are many brands / companies with pages that conform to content without updating and as much tasks of link building or link building.

The powerful attraction effect of Inbound MarketingHowever, the reality is that users “are no longer satisfied with that”, and in addition, companies see that competition is becoming stronger and the effort to have a robust and quality online presence grows every day as a solution to knowledge Of its users.

In this context, the need arises for your online presence to attract as a magnet to users, who are tired of intrusive techniques: the electronic mailbox that saturates messages that encourage you to try a product, a telemarketer who calls just to the Time of the dinner, … These techniques used with much moderation can work, but now the user has learned: the user searches what he wants, in the platforms he wants and chooses.

This is how the concept of Inbound Marketing is being consolidated, there is the need to attract customers to our channels in a natural and continuous way, with the interest in forging a lasting relationship. how?


  • Content Marketing : blogs, videos, news, images
  • Web search engine positioning through organic channels including local, mobile and vertical search (in a specialized search engine in a specific niche or sector, allowing you to analyze the information in greater depth than a generic search engine)
  • Social media marketing on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google and forums with active participation
  • Obtaining external traffic through Link building in social and non-social media
  • Improved user experience through design and interface improvements and page speed

This concept makes sense as soon as we stop to think that:

  • You can not build links without content to target
  • You can not “attract” a community without social media marketing
  • Website speed, information architecture and page design are as important to UX designers and specialists as they are to SEO
  • Search engines are committed to deliver quality results by rewarding factors such as mobile design, frequent content update

And all these techniques are all the more efficient the more coordinated they are, when we have a common strategy that includes all these factors.

The formulas to be successful on the internet increasingly require a greater effort and a greater need to know our users.

Using outdated methods without taking into account the tastes and needs of our potential customers will only result in unsuccessful efforts and investments thrown away.

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