The key to success lies in getting customers to talk about the experience with the brand

Through a recent interview for the search engine positioning agency Webpositer, the specialist in advertising and Internet marketing, Carlos Bravo, analyzes the present and future of online advertising activity, signaling 2013 as “the year of takeoff for”.

A past, present and future linked to marketing and advertising on the Internet

This young entrepreneur born and raised in Germany began to enter the world of internet during his stay in Switzerland where he did a PhD in business management at the University of St. Gallen. He began his activity with a blog in German about marathon – one of his great passions -, the origin of a journey that would lead him to “create new initiatives” that gave as a response the bases of his most successful and ambitious project. His commitment to evolution led him to “investigate the market of online advertising platforms”, whose research would lay the foundations of a project.

Assuming the difficulty that has led to the creation of an online market of “demand (advertisers) and supply (web support)”, Carlos Bravo argues in the interview to Webpositer that this adventure “remains a challenge”, where errors have been corrected and They have faced new remains, decisions that have led them to make a difference in the online advertising market.

Guerrilla Marketing in the Web 2.0: Daily Tips for the 21st Century Entrepreneur

His determined attitude and focus on innovation have led Carlos Bravo to work hard in the dissemination and dissemination of knowledge about the e-Commerce universe. These concerns have allowed him to actively collaborate in projects such as People E-Commerce without forgetting the publication of articles in journals and specialized online marketing portals such as Puromarketing, Wwwhat’s New and the QDQ blog.

Special mention deserves his personal blog Guerrilla Marketing in Web 2.0, from which it offers practical recommendations on Internet marketing for start-ups and SMEs. With a large number of followers, Bravo advises bloggers to “find a constant rhythm of publication” since he estimates that a blog can be a fantastic “way to promote a start-up”. Currently, it offers its readers a different post every day.

Carlos Bravo states that, although start-ups are not currently a profitable business model for entrepreneurs, “if you have the passion and strength to move forward”, a project can obtain optimal results. In fact, with the current universe of social media, having few resources for marketing actions on the Internet is not an obstacle. It goes further and concludes by saying that “the best online marketing is getting the customer to talk about the experience with your product and brand on your blog or Twitter.” These conversations can lead to positive or negative comments, relevant symptoms and opportunities to react on time. Giving a relative value to search engine positioning,

Successes, errors and a prospective view on Internet marketing

Carlos Bravo encourages the entrepreneur today to “start running without knowing the exact address” if you want to face a project. Without magic formulas or road maps, the fear of “taking risks” must be set aside. Moreover, the social web and its low technological cost give companies the tools to “compete with companies that have many more resources than us”, a scenario full of opportunities that 10 years ago did not exist.

Noting as a great error of Internet companies “confusing e-mail marketing with spam” and unauthorized use of web content, Carlos Bravo concludes by pointing out the great success that is now on the Internet looking, before the sale, that intangible value that the company most needs: the confidence of its customers.

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