The Importance of a 360 Communication

More and more we can see how organizations need a more integrated communication and according to the times. The new advertising media, the new uses of conventional media, new technologies as well as the great need of companies to communicate with their public constantly have made this concept of communication 360 the cornerstone of the different communication strategies that lead to most of the organizations.

The need for direct and integrated communication is more tangible than ever in these times of the information society in which the consumer is increasingly prepared, has more shopping options and looks for products that satisfy in an effective way their needs. When we talk about 360 communication is talking about combining all the efforts of companies to communicate with their audiences in all areas that gives us the current communication landscape, either through conventional advertising, interactive or online advertising.
The communication campaigns carried out must be orchestrated in unison, serving as support for each other and positioning our company in a clear way in the minds of consumers. There are many ways in which we can reach our target and, to a large extent, the image of our company will have a lot to do with how we use the different communication tools to get our message across.
In today’s society it is not enough just like a few years ago to carry out a good communication of what we sell and where consumers can find it, nowadays it is convenient to communicate what we sell, where we sell it, how and where we manufacture it, under what conditions, how we distribute it, who your clients are, what needs we satisfy, both physical and psychological. Strategic communication blogs are another very important communication tool at present.
We can see how large multinationals create corporate blogs where they have informed their clients of all the news, offers, promotions ?? establishing a channel of direct communication with their public and being closer to them through the network. Obviously the tendency is to grow, to move from the conventional advertising agency to the interactive one where all the departments are perfectly integrated and facilitate their customers, once and for all, integrated and unified services of advertising and communication.
Every time is more appreciable as the large agencies of our country are becoming aware of this phenomenon and are creating and integrating in their offices departments specialized in the latest trends within the advertising landscape as the Coolhunters, experts in viral marketing, online advertising, web positioning? I sincerely believe that Carl Laemmle of Universal Pictures was deeply mistaken when he said back in 1931, believe me, trying to get the public to swallow the publicity and overwhelm their eyes and ears with it will cause a rejection that will compromise their business over time ??

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