The community manager phenomenon and its new rock band

It came to save us, to bring our online reputation afloat, paving the way for our brand among the fierce competition; working very hard to gain the trust of influential users and prescribers?

In its passage it carried out memorable feats in its fight against the trolls. We talked about the Community Manager, that strange thing, that we always saw alone, in a corner, surrounded by technological devices, such as his inseparable smartphone and tablet, while typing non-stop on his desktop computer, it was better not to interrupt him?

Only in front of the danger

The community manager arrived and eclipsed, but he was also assigned and acquired from a multifaceted role that required him to be possessor of varied and great virtues, knowledge and gifts of little less than super hero: communicator, webmaster, analyst, commercial, a kind of firefighter to extinguish the lights and fires that occurred in the network and even diviner, getting to be baptized as the man orchestra or the thousand professions.

However, little by little this figure has been falling even seem to have fallen into oblivion losing that media role in the rise of social media, and has been almost diluted. Like that rock star who jumps to fame with a catchy musical single but over time seems to go unnoticed even while still singing and acting.

Despite this, this is not the story of a rapid leap into fame and a steep decline to failure that leads to oblivion. It is more of a step in the background race that turns the lonely Community Manager into an important component of a new rock band.

In team or when the union makes the force!

Its functions have evolved, the sector has finally become professionalized and now has multidisciplinary teams to carry out the integral management of companies and brands in social networks.

There is no longer a single person in charge of brand management in Social Media, but the functions that we previously attributed to the Community Manager have been absorbed by a complete department, made up of professionals specialized in different areas.

The different challenges and strategies that companies can consider and plan such as content marketing, are a proof of the need for this diversification that makes it necessary to have professionals in different areas such as communication, as well as specialized companies.

It is a medium in constant evolution, where it is necessary to always be on the crest of the wave, to be a pioneer when using the latest techniques and constantly surprise. For this reason, Social Media today does not demand a “boy for everything”, but requires expert profiles in specific areas, able to contribute their particular vision and contribute with their know-how to such constant innovation.

For its part, the Community Manager is sure that he has also been able to adapt to the changes and occupy the position he deserves, as a good communications professional and knowledge of the environment, becoming a member of the department, leaving the department in yes, as before; although probably not all have taken the same fate.

Now the Community Manager has their own rock band!

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