The best recipe for a content strategy with flavor

Many potential clients pass through the door of your CMS restaurant every day; They are looking for a place to satisfy their need for knowledge and hope to be able to feed on the content that you offer them. They arrive from several places, either because they have found you in the search engines, they have been recommended, or they may already be regular customers, who usually go through your blog to know what you have prepared today for them. It depends on you that your dish of the day is tasty, so that your guests do not leave with a bad taste in their mouths. 

Here is a recipe created to obtain such a tasty content that makes them want to repeat:

The first step is to know how to choose the dish you are going to make. If you are guided by the season or the time of day, you will get more customers, better not prepare paella if it is at night, or a stew in the middle of August. Remember that it is about fulfilling a function, so the content must have a utility for users. Write about a topic that is appealing to them.

The main thing is that the dish has the right ingredients:

Relevant topic, is the basic ingredient for all good content that boasts. If the raw material is not of good quality, the dish will be indigestible. Study the trends, analyze your audience and decline to the topic that may open your appetite.

A good dose of creativity.It will serve both to hook the recipient from the first bite, as to make you savor each word. Use it to give a different approach to the topic you are going to discuss and praise your culinary skills.

A bit of irony, always good to season any dish. It will give you some contrast, essential to get that special flavor that sets you apart from other chefs.

Create a balanced recipe, without abusing heavy elements. Dispense the information, combine it with elements of varied nature. For example, you can help with graphic elements to provide quantitative data, or include images to promote reading. In this way you will assimilate the concepts better and avoid a possible embarrassment …

Take care of the presentation,After all, we eat by sight. Take to the table an appetizing dish, adapted to your diner; Make your mouth water just by seeing it, that you get an idea of ​​what you’re going to enjoy tasting it.

At the end of the meal, ask for their opinion; Knowing what your guests say will help you improve as a chef. Encourage them to make their comments and leave their suggestions; Cook with you … what is your recipe to delight your users? What ingredients do you like to use?

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