The 3 principles of success

On one occasion, showing his sense of humor, Miguel Mihura wrote: “There are years when you do not feel like doing anything”. 2012 will certainly not allow us to stay without doing anything. The new year that is already at the doors will demand us to be very attentive and above all we will have to move the card. We are obliged to do this, either to move our company forward or for work reasons, or maybe even to develop our first company forced by the circumstances.

With a picture as devastating as they predict us, without remarkable recovery or close, it is very likely that the discouragement and irritability continue to grow as if reproduced by spores, so it is very important to provide positivism and good humor to our corporate messages, campaigns advertising, etc. I can assure you that improvised joy often sells more than justified sadness. That is why it is important to live commercially with good humor, but taking care of the spirit that we transmit to our customers, either from advertising or from the sales network. Obviously everything must be proportional to the circumstances to avoid delicate situations or that exceed, such as the funeral vendor who said: “If your mother-in-law is a gem, we have the best case.”

We have to refine the commercial aim of our company to the maximum and for this it is fundamental to work with seriousness and responsibility but with a good sense of humor, so that the positive spirit invades us in a productive way. Most decisions depend on our state of mind and as a consequence, hit or miss also depend on it. Remember the famous story of the shoe manufacturer who wanted to look for new markets and sent a salesman to search a village in a jungle area, and after a few days the seller sent him a telegram saying: “undo plans, there is no market, nobody here wear shoes “, but the manufacturer thought that he should have another additional point of view and sent another vendor to probe the same village. After a few days he received a telegram from the new envoy that said: “expand factory, virgin market, nobody uses shoes here. ” Generally this happens every day and I would say that several times a day, before the same fact of “no one wears shoes here” we can find both ways and we must decide between the one that reaffirms us in the negative and the way that opens us new possibilities.

Personally I have never accepted the idea that “everything is already invented” because, like you, I’ve been listening to you for years, and at that same time I’ve seen “inventors” who were not told that everything was invented or they did not believe it, people who thought they could invent and developed new “inventions” like facebook, or knew how to see market niches like villagers without shoes, and made cars that do not need a driver’s license because they are four-wheeled mopeds.

The year that begins we must be first of all creative and to be able to arrive at the other end of 2012 with something more than a “virgin, virgin … that I remain as I am” we must apply the 3 principles of the success of Aristotle, more current now than ever and What are they:

1 A clear and defined goal (that does not occupy much more than one sentence).

2º Have the means to achieve it (that is, adequate aptitude, enthusiasm and an appropriate method to do it)

3º Apply all available means to achieve it (decision + optimization + action)

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