Social networking users follow brands for some kind of benefit

The users that mark “I like” in the big brands on Facebook, do it first to show their support for the brand (49%) but also to get some type of promotion or discount (42%), while many others Do so to receive information from companies on a regular basis (41%), according to a survey conducted by Syncapse.

Earlier studies around Facebook’s “like” had shown that promotions and discounts were a great motivator in boosting user support.

Social networking users follow brands for some kind of benefitOther reasons that justify becoming a fan of a brand or company on Facebook, are:

  • Participate in competitions (31%);
  • See other friends are already fans or have marked the page with a “like (20%);
  • Be directed to score “I like” by an advertisement (18%), and finally
  • A recommendation to mark a mark with “like”.

The Syncapse study reveals that the reasons for pointing to “like” vary greatly within the 20 brands analyzed. For example, fans of Victoria’s Secret, Walmart and Target recognize that the motivation to score “I like” is due more to their desire to receive updates than for reasons of loyalty. However, for Zara’s fans sharing common interests as well as lifestyles prompts them to point out “I like” on the Inditex company page.

It is also significant that on average 78% of the fans interviewed are currently clients of those same brands, a percentage that varies in a very significant way among all the companies analyzed. However, what is quite clear, is that in the vast majority of cases, users of social networks follow the brands looking for some kind of benefit.

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