Social Media is not only to sell although its effect can have an impact on our sales

Many companies, following current trends, aware of the great penetration of Social Media among users; have launched to create their profiles in social networks waiting for the customers to turn in them, eager to acquire the products that are promoted in them. The result has been that they have found themselves alone, their potential followers have not seen in them any incentive to be at their side; have come to grips with reality: social networks are not a sales channel, but a means open to the interaction between brands and consumers, an environment that allows both to know each other, to establish relationships and to foster mutual trust.

Social Media is not to sell, but to know how and what consumers want

Companies can not conceive of Social Media as an online supermarket; is not a tool to reach, see and buy, but a tool that can serve to increase sales and increase the fidelity rate; as long as we know how to act. Brands must have a strategy in social networks appropriate to the nature of each network, taking into account the profile of their followers, their tastes and preferences. Therefore, the first step is to meet our target audience and potential customers.

For this, the social networks themselves are the most effective source of information. Here users are shown as they are, you just have to be attentive, analyze their behavior and know how to interpret the clues that are leaving their trail. They themselves will tell us what they want, is something that comes out of their comments, is appreciated by the type of companies you follow, or what are the products you recommend. It is essential, therefore, to carefully study all this information in order to know them much better, and to adapt our strategy and the different marketing actions.

Once we already know how our users and followers are, it is important to use their own language, providing information and content that really catch your eye and interest you; in short, create a bond based on the attraction of motu propio. A bidirectional relationship with which to increase the influence and confidence that will make your bet bigger and the chances that our company or brand is relevant in your next purchase decision.

Social Media as a customer service channel

Still, companies are reluctant to use social networks as a meeting point between the brand and its consumers; is the ideal place to favor the approach, where a close dialogue can be maintained.59% of consumers approach brands through Social Media, with the intention of connecting with them and getting a better service.

The statistics tell us that they do not always get answers, customers feel abandoned by their brands, which is deteriorating the good image they may have of them. So that this is not your case, practice active listening in social networks, monitor your activity in social networks and always attend the requests of your customers. For this it is important that you have personnel destined to carry out such functions, have the appropriate training and know the company perfectly.

What is your concept of Social Media? Do you dedicate yourself to selling, or listening and interacting?

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