Social Media begins 2017 as a trending topic on Twitter

Many will say that social media is not important or relevant. But casually today Twitter proves the opposite of showing us once again between your trends or “Trending topics” to #socialmedia as one of the highlights of the day. 

For the most absentminded or newcomers mention that the Trending topic are the themes of the moment or most repeated trends at a specific time on Twitter. The ten most relevant are shown on the home page both globally and regionally and its great impact are having in the press and the different media has caused this expression is also used to name the topics of great interest.

And it is that 2017 has arrived and it seems that the social networks themselves try to demonstrate again the relevance of this phenomenon that continues to evolve and confirming the reality with which consumers, brands and companies coexist every day. No wonder why Social Media starts off so well this new year. We are very happy for this and will continue to be undoubtedly one of the main topics we will address throughout 2017 and that will surely bring us many important and interesting news.

That Social Media returns to be the protagonist in this way comes to confirm that it continues to be a really relevant topic and that both people and companies speak and are interested in it. It is more than clear that Social Media is here to stay and this is another example of the Social Media being more topical than ever before.

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