SINGLES, more than singles: Seven ideas that can help the brand to get closer to this collective

Being a single is a declaration of principles, a lifestyle with its own identity, which goes beyond singleness. As the director of a fair for singles says: we can all be single at some point in our life, but not all of us can feel proud and at ease with this condition.

Perhaps the ‘single phenomenon is a sign of the new times’, of this liquid modernity expounded by the sociologist Zygmunt Bauman, where in an unpredictable world and in constant movement, the only consistent frame of reference is the existence itself. Reasons are not lacking. The statistics say that a young person who finishes the university will change eight times of employment before the 35 years, and recent studies of the Web portal Parship, emphasize that more than 50% of the English have had between three and six stable couples throughout his life.

Faced with this new society, the single appears as a collective unconcerned by this uncertainty, which even positively assesses its condition. So much so that his philosophy of life is changing the patterns of consumption, the shelves of supermarkets and leisure models.

From Coleman CBX, we present seven ideas that can help the brand to approach this group.

Sell ​​change, novelty

Since nothing is forever, the single seeks novelties; easily replaceable products that allow you to “redecorate your life” as many times as necessary. A philosophy that IKEA has very well understood, the various annual collections of Zara and the innovative and exclusive editions of Nespresso.


Without ties, without children, without a partner. The single lives in a world where the plans are easily alterable. Therefore, you need to have allies. Pre-cooked food, supermarkets and centers with long hours, online shopping and all kinds of products that stand out for their practicality and functionality.

Recently, the Mahou-San Miguel brewing group has presented an opening system in its glass formats inspired by the Maxi Crown of Aguas Cabreiroá: a cap that allows the bottle to be opened without the need to use a bottle opener. According to the managers of the company, it is a very practical system whose main advantage is its comfort and autonomy.

Connect with the emotional

Faced with the rationality and practicality typical of traditional family models, the single moves by impulsive consumption, where emotional issues and psychological benefits prevail, and especially everything that helps to reinforce self-image and image.

Individuality: I am

The single is more than a bachelor. He has a personality of his own, unique, different from the normal one that wants to show his surroundings proudly. A fact that is reinforced by its hedonistic and biased nature, and that has made it a great precursor of customized products and limited editions.

Munich, the fashion and sports shoe brand, has created the Munichmyway application for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that, in addition to the purchase of shoes, allows you to customize your design with more than 333 trillion possible combinations; Use your template as decorative wall paper and share it directly in a Twitter or Facebook profile.


The cars are made mini, the micro floors, the appliances are reduced and the individual foods and, as a consequence, a world begins where the packaging is created in small proportions. The wine bursts in formats of 187, 375 and 500 cl; Florette launches Individual salads of between 60-70 grams, and Balay offers compact refrigerators where fresh fruits and vegetables are preserved twice as long.

Fast, prepared and healthy food

Beyond the Japanese mini-vegetables, singles have led a new way of eating, combining healthy / healthy, authentic / quality with practicality and ease. Open and ready.

Coinciding with the 10th anniversary of brik in Brik, Gallina Blanca has presented its latest revolution: SOPALISTA, three traditional recipes of soups prepared with 100% natural foods, presented in a 500 ml container that you just have to heat and is ready to eat.

Social brands that help share

The single coexists between the virtual and the real world, seeking contact with people who share their same interests, hobbies and problems. Beyond the contact portals like Meetic, there are many companies that are making great advances so that their clients know each other. Like the gyms in Barcelona, ​​DIR, that in their Web portal have created a social network so that their singles clients can get to know each other and can establish relationships, be able to go to the gym together and organize dinners or activities outside the premises.

All the forecasts suggest that this group will continue to grow, so it is worth starting to meet the needs of a segment with so much potential.

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