Resources and marketing strategies for your brand to reach teenagers

We all know that teenagers are digital natives, but all the studies that we find there reveal data that worries companies, a minimum of the large number that surf the Internet actively participates with a brand.

eMarketer estimates that by the end of 2011, 96% of US teens between the ages of 12 and 17, they will use the Internet at least once a month, a figure significantly greater than the penetration of 74% of the total US population.

Even the millennials do not do it, that is to say those that belong to the “Generation X” or the “Generation Y”, with which everyone asks the same question. How can we make the teenagers take the digital space? To which we must add a new one: how can we make the most of digital media and social networks to reach them?

We can take advantage of the so-called ” QR codes ” as an excellent direct marketing tool! Depending on the use we want to give there are more specific tools such as Social QR Code that easily integrate social networks. And since teenagers increasingly use Smartphones as a means of communication and leisure platform where  online games and videos are becoming increasingly important, brands can take advantage of the opportunity to offer this type of content, having here a solution to the problem of the brand / user interaction, because these devices allow us to apply it.

The social Internet during the next decade will be totally indispensable. According to eMarketer estimates, more than four out of five teenagers use social networks, compared to 64% of all Internet users. Nearly three-quarters of teenagers use Facebook monthly this year, and more than 50% visited the site daily.

For this reason, social experiences are one of the points to highlight to connect our brand with teenagers. Make interesting proposals in which you can attract a multitude of young people, such as concerts or events , or at least take advantage when they are done to boost your brand in that place. One of the creative alternatives you can offer is to find a way to involve friends of theirs who are not online.

In close relationship with this we have the coupons and contests on Facebook. We already know that they boost our brand and in the case of teenagers they will be of great help as they are not usually “likers” of brands, until you offer them something in exchange for their “likes”.

While you can use other traditional marketing media, you should not leave aside Facebook or Twitter. We have already commented several times on its importance and not being in these social networks will imply, in a very short time, to stop having existence both online and offline.

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