Recommendations for the main trends in mobile marketing

The market for mobile applications has exploded in thanks to the massive adoption of smartphones and tablets and the success of iOS and Android operating systems. With all these data in hand and from its position of expert of the sector, Trademob has identified six tendencies that will mark the year  in the sector of the marketing of applications and for which it offers us a series of premises and recommendations.

1. Tracking

Tracking has been an important aspect in  and with the massive adoption of the new Apple Advertising Identifier, the possibilities of actions in terms of tracking applications marketing campaigns in will be increasingly broad.


  • Accurately and effectively track application marketing campaigns and consider it a priority.
  • Add traffic sources and track through the advertisement and campaigns on social networks.

2. New mobile user structures

As competition in the tablet and smartphone market increases, devices are becoming increasingly affordable and accessible to middle and lower-class consumers, as well as to young people, resulting in a change in the Type of users and in the usage behavior of the applications. Advertisers should take this trend into account when developing and promoting their mobile strategies.


  • Promote the application taking into account the new types and behaviors of users, update and optimize the application for new devices and new types of users.
  • Focus on the specific types of users you want to reach, the types of devices you are using and take into account your usage habits.

3. Native application, hybrid application or web app?

The native / hybrid app / web app debate still continues to kick. Undoubtedly, native is the best choice for an unmatched user experience, high speed and quality performance. Hybrid applications can be a cost-effective alternative, such as web apps used on a native device, but it is true that native applications are the ones that offer the best performance.


  • Review our business model and what we want our application to offer and decide what type of application we want to promote.
  • Native and hybrid applications are much easier to find than web applications. To improve the user experience, performance and speed, native applications are the most recommended.

4. Payment by mobile

In-app purchases from mobile devices will become increasingly simple and secure, and as a result, such transactions will increase. M-commerce and online booking applications will benefit, and new mobile payment solutions will bring greater monetization opportunities for mobile applications.


  • Adopt the most up-to-date payment channels for your application so that transactions are simple and secure and the user experience is getting better.
  • Encourage users to participate and buy through your application, for example, by promoting special offers that are only available through it.

5. The Big Data

In recent years, many companies have recognized the importance of big data, and now the mobile marketing market is also valuing its relevance. Big data has been used in every market by companies that want to make smarter strategic marketing campaigns, based on all the data they have available, to deliver relevant ads to their current and potential users. With the new tracking solutions, the type of data needed to use big data is now accessible.


  • Consider what user behavior, purchase history, and preferences can be taken into account to attract more in-app conversions.
  • Design and launch tactical marketing campaigns based on the analysis of user behavior, keeping a permanent follow-up to see what can be improved.

6. Tablets

The success of new tablets such as the iPad Mini, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 demonstrates the perfect adaptation of these devices to the world of apps.When planning a tablet apps marketing strategy, it’s important to remember that tablet users often use apps for longer sessions, being at home, fully involved in what they’re doing, and willing to spend more. In addition, the market for tablet apps is nowadays with little competition, as there are few applications optimized for this type of format.


  • Optimize applications and marketing strategies to take advantage of larger screens that have more resolution.
  • Tailor advertising for this type of user. Keep track of campaigns to improve them by selecting the most cost-effective settings.

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