QR codes: Great allies of mobile marketing and discount coupons

Popular QR codes have become the best link between two worlds that look the opposite: online and offline.  And is that much has been said about the proliferation of QR Codes, that set of squares that when we scan with our smartphone we can expand information about the company that has created it, its products and offers or promotions.

In the proliferation of this type of codes has grown rapidly to become according to data offered by Scanlife, in one of the countries where they have received more welcome after the United States. The growth rate in our country in the last twelve months has been spectacular, of no less than 218%, according to comScore.

The applications of these fun combinations of squares are endless but above all can become an effective marketing tool

QR codes resurface strongly between brands, companies and advertisers. 71% of companies recognize its usefulness, especially in these difficult times. This was the first study on the uses of QRs, made at the end of this summer. At the moment, only 3 in 10 companies use QR codes as a marketing tool, but they are willing to get more performance.

According to a recent report presented by Econsultancy and Responsys, the number of companies that use QR codes as a resource to improve their relationship with their customers and that these interact with the brand has increased during the last year. In addition, according to another related study by Multichannel Merchant, companies are integrating QR codes into their marketing strategies at a much more agile pace this year than the previous one

Helps boost sales

Users are looking for information on the street, which can be found on the outdoor advertising stands they find in their path, and even at the door of an establishment; everything depends on the creativity of the marketing department, who at the time of designing his advertising strategy should exploit to the maximum all the possibilities of the media that he uses. It is important that, in order to achieve the convertibility of QRs, once the user is taken to the landing page, there is finally a mobile version of the company, which allows him to buy the product or hire the promotion that has aroused his interest.

An ally of discount coupons

Users of these two-dimensional charts rely on them to consume videos, download applications and view technical product data. Augmented reality and video-based applications are widely accepted.

The variety of uses and applications we can give our QR codes is certainly varied and extensive. The most widespread reason why consumers explore this type of codes is to find offers, discounts or the search for information about a particular product or service

It is a good format to promote these discounts or promotions that are becoming more common in the packaging and packaging of products. In this way, repeat purchase is encouraged, encouraged with a future discount.

Any support is valid to include a QR, imagination is the limit and there are all kinds of creative formulas to use them to promote our business activities. From its integration in the traditional business cards , to its application under ingenious, innovative and infrequent proposals .

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