Only between 10 and 15% of companies use social networks as marketing tools

As a result of the current economic situation, and with a view to a 2011 not particularly promising for companies in general and for SMEs in particular, the Web is specified as the most attractive option to weather the crisis.

The incessant progress of new technologies and, in particular, of social networks in recent years, has made the Web and the Internet an indispensable business tool for every company, small or large. to be. The massive use by citizens and professionals of all ages and social strata makes social media the new “Dorado” of the business.

Therefore, in a year in which there are still many signs of a serious economic crisis, social networks are emerging as key marketing tools to strengthen business and even to avoid the disappearance of some companies. However, still “today only between 10 and 15% of companies see the Web and social networks such as Facebook, Tweeter or LinkedIn in their marketing strategies,” says the general manager of the consultancy international specialist in communication and web technology, Paginar, Luciano Schlaen, based on the company’s experience and estimates. It is not the case of large companies. Although small and medium-sized companies are increasingly aware of the added value that web solutions bring, in general,

Increase the client portfolio and sales; Loyalty of current customers; advertise sales promotions and special offers; improve the positioning of a brand, product or service, communicate news, conferences and events, develop viral marketing actions, get a “feedback” of customers and potential customers or analyze the competition are the great attractions of social media in the business scope.

In the 20 years of the Web’s life, the Internet has rapidly extended beyond its limits and has been fully integrated into our daily routine, changing our habits of information, communication and consumption. On the Web, information is constantly generated in real time and social networks, on the other hand, can be used by companies as advertising spaces and alternative marketing channels. They are also very effective in designing marketing actions with very low costs. “In general, there is a lot of mistrust towards social networks because they are spaces that can not be controlled. However, consumers are there and are saying what they think. And for this reason, it is in the interests of companies to be present in this dialogue “.

Five keys to successful management and online marketing

Under the vision of the consultancy Paginar, e-commerce and the different applications offered by the Internet are based on five keys to success: 1) propose actions with clear objectives; 2) provide quality content; 3) establish a direct and immediate communication with the consumer; 4) provide an adequate budget for the actions proposed and 5) promote the culture of the recommendation among consumers, a great potential that has no limits.

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