Only 1 in 3 companies considers that their content strategy is effective

The study signed by the Institute of Content Marketing (CMI) together with MarketingProfs highlights the lack of trust on the part of the marketers in their own content strategy. The study was conducted in the United States, focused on B2B companies, in order to find out trends in this area, and to be able to establish forecasts for this coming year.

Only 6% of companies consider that the impact of their content marketing strategy is very effective. The main problem to which they attribute this lack is the budget shortage. The lack of economic resources does not allow them to obtain better results. Surprisingly, smaller companies allocate more budget to content marketing than large ones.

Those considered micro-enterprises, that is, those with fewer than 10 employees, spend almost half of their budget on delivering content relevant to their audience. On the other hand, large companies, with more than 1,000 employees, only manage a quarter of their resources to this end. Those who derive less percentage of their budget allocation to the content marketing are the companies whose personnel oscillates between the 100 and the 1,000 employees; Being reduced to 22%

Fortunately, the trend indicates that companies are planning to increase resources for content marketing compared to the previous year; Although slightly. 45% of the companies that participated in the study affirmed their firm intention to bet on him; And 34% indicated that it would remain at the same levels as in 2012. Only 9% were interested in significantly increasing their budget.

When choosing the distribution channels for their content, companies bet on insurance. Its strategy focuses on the main social platforms, namely: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+. Needless to say, there are many other channels, which could bring the desired efficiency to the brand, especially the specialized social networks, that manage to reach very specific niches of population, with a high degree of engagement, but for the moment they are forgotten by these Business.

Of note is the fact that for B2B companies Facebook is not the queen of social networks, but this place occupies LinkedIn, adopted by 83% of companies. In this case occupies the second place, but neither exclusively, but shares with Twitter, both have the approval of 80% of the brand. With this data the utility of the social network for professionals as a means to encourage interaction between companies, as well as networking, is evident.

Are you satisfied with your content strategy? What would you like to improve to increase its effectiveness?

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