Not all social networks are for everyone or for everything

One of the implications of the new online scenario is the birth of the so-called social business. The social name we all understand, is perhaps the last name where we lose a little. Because sometimes we forget that the word business is linked yes or yes to the concept of profitability. That is why we must take care of the channels in which we invest, be this investment in the form of resources that elaborate content, time spent to manage communities or budgets destined to advertising spaces. If any of these investments have no return, we DO NOT talk about social business if not social activity.

Social Media Icons On Smart Phone ScreenSocial networks then become another channel of business, in which, as in others, we must take into account that anything goes. To make a correct and profitable use we can not forget that not all social networks are for everyone or for everything.

Just as not all users use the same social networks or do it for the same things, in the case of companies must be the same. It is called a bubble or not, it is true that we witness an uncontrolled proliferation of profiles of brands and organizations in social networks. It seems that it is essential to be present in all, and we turn on the web all kinds of content that only serves to fill walls, posts or timelines.

That is useless. Each social network has some characteristics that make it the perfect channel for some organizations and an alternative not interesting for others. The key is to understand that social media is one more medium, with its audience, its language and its format. This concept of channel and target we understand easily in advertising, even in the media, … What happens then with social networks? Do not they still have their own identity that differentiates and specializes them? Or are we the companies and users that do not differentiate ecosystems? I think rather the second.

What is clear is that they have something in common: they are social. A user can use two social networks, and match a very different one in one of them. This in turn, can send the content of the common to a third outside the first and where the creator of content has never published. This transfer of content is the key to social business and a fundamental advantage for organizations: let us focus on social networks that allow us to reach our goals and let virality (which exists) comes by itself and is an addition. Because in the end that is the value of a company’s activity in social networks: the democratization of content, which differentiates what has value from what does not, good advertising from bad, good offers from bad ones and good brands Of the bad ones.

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