How to know if you are ready to be a good Community Manager?

The rise of social networks and the proliferation of social media marketing between brands and companies has highlighted the figure of new professional profiles. Among all of them, the Community Manager stands out as undoubtedly considered to be one of the most versatile and multifaceted.

The emerging figure of this type of professionals has also grown due to times of crisis and lack of employment, which added to the great incursion of companies in social networks the rise of social media, has triggered its demand and the appearance masse of all of them.

If we had to answer the question of whether the Community Manager is born or is it done, obviously we would all have the same answer. And proof of this can be found in the vast majority of training centers that are currently beginning to train this new batch of professionals. But can anyone be trained for it? How to know if we are prepared to be a good Community Manager?

On many occasions we have referred to the Community Manager as the man of the thousand professions . And it is not for less given that the different activities and challenges that this professional must face require a wide knowledge of different and varied subjects.

Therefore, we have prepared some questions that test mode and example you can try to answer. A small sample that highlights the difficulties of a professional who is sometimes undervalued or undervalued, and who is subjected to great responsibility and demands.

  • Do you know the main tools for a correct and optimal management of communities and social profiles?
  • Are you ready to listen, communicate and participate in the conversations of fans and followers?
  • Would you know how to assimilate the values ​​and philosophy of a brand to which you should represent?
  • Would you be able to adequately inform the characteristics and benefits of a service or product?
  • Do you feel qualified to address the complaints and claims of a dissatisfied customer?
  • Could you treat the network trolls without despairing or creating something personal about the problem?
  • And to manage a crisis of reputation in social networks?
  • Do you have the capacity to analyze situations and reactions in a psychological way?
  • Are you able to generate quality information and content, or are you an expert in Content Curator?
  • Do you have knowledge for data analysis, statistics, web positioning (SEO) and trends?
  • Do you know the operation of the main adservers and online advertising programs?
  • Do you consider yourself creative and not just a tech geek?
  • Do you have at least basic knowledge of web editing and graphic material?
  • Are you qualified to work in a multidisciplinary team?
  • And to start up and execute a planned social media strategy?
  • Do you have a correct grammar and do you defend yourself in more than one language
  • Are you ready to face a job in alert and permanent disposition?
  • Are you able to get involved and develop your work with passion?

Congratulations, if your answers were positive, you are prepared to be a good Community Manager. You may be a professional with innate talent. If on the contrary, many of them were negative, do not despair, you can still achieve it trying to improve and learn from those aspects where you find your own deficiencies.

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