How to convert customers into prescribers of our brand through social media

The biggest achievement of a brand is not to get known, or win a customer, but to get it to use our service again, get loyalty and get to the point of referencing your contacts. That precise moment in which he begins to recommend you, is the first step so that he becomes a prescriber of the brand. This process is long and complicated, but the final reward deserves, and very much worth it. There is nothing more valuable for a brand than to earn the loyalty of its customers. Do you know how to do it?

Form a united and active community; a living organism where its components are an important part, where they feel integrated. If as a brand you do not interact and relate to your customers, you will hardly get followers, let alone create engagement. You have to forget your individualism, go outside and relate.

Give them the opportunity to speak. Your followers have a voice, they like to express themselves, and even more that you listen to them. You only have to pay attention and perceive what they are saying. You can also enable special communication channels, more direct, such as videoconferencing or online chat.

Offer them exclusive advantages.With this initiative you fulfill a double objective: on the one hand they will feel flattered, that you have them in mind. On the other hand, it is an effective commercial strategy; The fact of being able to be the first to have something increases your desire to possess it.

Address your suggestions, respond quickly, try, as far as possible, put your comments into practice. If they feel heard, their participation will increase, contributing their experience as users. In this way they provide you with enormously valuable information. There is nothing better than knowing first hand the opinion of your users.

Invite them to participate in the creation of new products or services; informing them in advance of news, product launches … Encourage your community to feel integrated with the organization and take an active part in making relevant decisions such as choosing the name, a new flavor, or contribute their ideas for the launch campaign.

Tell them clearly how important they are for the company. For you they are the main thing, do not hesitate to show it openly. I’m sure you’d also like to be told, so openly prove it. They will know how to correspond to your detail; They will feel proud of belonging to this community, will reinforce their feeling of belonging to it, it will be a stimulus valued as very positive.

If you always have a surprise prepared, you have a new proposal at hand and accounts with them … will be pending and eager to know the news of your brand. The key lies in listening to them, applying their indications and making them feel important; How do you act with your clients, are they tempted to integrate in your community in SM?

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