How do Twitter use the big brands to serve their customers?

The microblogging social network is a medium that allows you to contact quickly with brands and users. From the mobile, with a simple message, you can catch the attention of your brand, or launch your request.

But are brands making the most of their potential to reach out to their customers? Do they monitor social conversation to record when they need you? In short, do you turn to Twitter as a way to serve your audience? The Simply Measured study shows us what 30 of Interbrand’s Top Brands brands are doing on Twitter:

How do Twitter use the big brands to serve their customersHow do you manage this service?

They have an exclusive account to offer customer service. It is an increasingly common practice is to create a specific account to offer this service. This way it is possible to concentrate this type of requests, and to avoid the noise that appear inappropriate comments in the Time Line of the mark. The study figures indicate that 99% of the companies included in the study have a Twitter profile open, of which, 30% already have another one specifically aimed at managing queries and customer comments.

Do they respond to all the messages they receive?

Unfortunately, the sad fact is that only 10% of the brands that have an exclusive customer service channel through Twitter respond to more than 70% of the messages they receive. The average response is around 42%.

How long does it take to respond?

The mean response time was set at 5.1 hours although the fastest case was at 42 minutes. This demonstrates the effort made by these companies to offer an effective service.

Which companies offer a more effective service?

When it comes to responding quickly, it highlights the effectiveness of Microsoft, American Express and UPS. On the other hand, if we focus on the volume of responses, we can see that Nike is, with great distance, the company that is most concerned about responding, receiving almost triple the number of requests that the following brand, with a response rate of 73 %.

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