From Branding to Engagement of brands in social networks

Branding, as we all know, consists in carrying out actions aimed at building a brand image or strengthening it in the face of other users.

In online marketing, Branding finds a very powerful ally in Social Media, because thanks to Social Networks we can create a solid image for our brand, spreading our message effectively and positioning ourselves as relevant users. For this reason, social platforms are essential for us as professionals if we want to make a good strategy to strengthen our brand or create community around it.

According to aytm, the most used platform is Facebook for this purpose, since 85% of professionals consider it an essential tool, while only 49% use Twitter, a platform in which, despite the strong growth it is experiencing, only 35% of users enter daily, while Facebook offers a much higher engagement with 74% of users using it daily.

Regarding the size of the community, according to the statistics offered by aytm, Facebook is the one that brings together users with the highest number of users, with 57% of users with more than 100 friends and 11% more than 500, while on Twitter , only 25% have more than one hundred followers and 10% more than 500 followers.

To be able to build a strong brand image, we must be aware that users want to talk about us, so it is essential to give them something to talk about, a reason.

Users want to interact with the brand, and while on Twitter only 29% of Internet users follow a brand, on Facebook 58% have “liked” a brand. Likewise, Twitter is less Internet users who talk about a brand, with 39%, while in the social network of Zuckerberg, 42% mention in a state update the name of a brand. It is also an example of the power of diffusion of the messages of brands the fact that on Twitter only 29% retweets messages referring to brands, while on Facebook, 41% share a link, a video or something related to a brand .

It is also indicative that users who use Facebook to talk about a brand do so to say something positive about it. According to the statistics, 66% of users who like a brand have more than 100 contacts and are very active in the social network, with 84% of users entering Facebook daily, and it is also important to highlight that users who “like” a brand tend to be more influential than those who do not.

Something we can do to increase engagement with our clients is to give them what they want, and users like to get discount coupons mainly, and, if we know how to choose the right channel to make our updates known to our community, it will be easier for us to have a greater acceptance when it comes to making ourselves known. Users prefer short updates on Facebook and Twitter in front of emails or traditional ads on supports, say, classic.

All these data show that Social Media is a fundamental means to improve our brand image, to create the much sought after engagement with our users and to reach them effectively.

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