Customers or hardcore fans? What seek brands?

We agree that the ultimate goal of a business is to generate sales and income, and for this they need customers. However, there are ways to maintain a healthy bottom line, without the sole purpose of the brand is sold.

Many companies focus all their efforts on getting customers, without even worrying about keeping them. Its primary objective is to grow in number the customer base, without stopping to evaluate the quality of them.

Businesses care about having “only” customers, when in fact they could have faithful and unconditional defenders of their brand, whom we will call fans. It is an interesting perspective that develops the article for ClickZ, emphasizing the difference between a client and a fan, and the advantages of the latter for businesses. Thus, the client is a person who, at any given time, purchases a product from the company. So far the relationship with it. Instead, a fan, besides buying their products, feels an affinity with the brand, closely follows everything related to it, and defends wherever necessary.

Customers or hardcore fans What seek brandsIn the words of Kevin Kelly, a true fan is one who is willing to purchase any product from the company. A clear example of this are the stalwarts Apple, able to wait for hours at the door of the establishment, with the imminent release of its latest product.

Fans or customers

Depending on the choice of the company, its marketing goals are very different. The strategy of a brand that only seeks customers, and the more the merrier, will focus on product features, and price. Instead, those brands that seek to create a community of followers loyal to the brand of hardcore fans flying the flag of their loyalty, should add value. Each of your actions should be inspiring, motivating, strengthening their sense of belonging. Not much different from a religion, that of lovemarks.

This unconditional faith professed by the fan phenomenon was originally applied in sport baseball devotees, whose worship bordered on fanaticism. The same feeling also inspired the movie stars or singers, and many brands dream of feeling by their customers now.

So what can brands do to turn your customers into raving fans fans?

Be nice. The first step to awaken the interest of the target audience is the brand shows its best side. That means deploying all his gifts of sympathy, seduction, or engagement, depending on the personality of the company. The important thing is to get connect with your potential fans

Show accessible. It will not help to be an irresistible mark if, when approaching her, closes in band, and turns his back on his fans. It will not be the first case of a celebrity who loses an unconditional fan, by refusing to sign him for an autograph. Brands must enable all the necessary channels to allow his followers to approach them.

Be authentic. Without a spirit and personality, neither will get highlighted, and must settle for being a heap. Every brand has to have unique and unmistakable qualities; based on which that special feeling of unconditional love will be forged by their fans.

Be transparent. The fans want to know everything about their favorite brands. Where they are, who is behind its walls, which is the company culture, which characterizes the daily life of its employees? This is a way to approach them, to know them better and to strengthen their feeling.

Build trust. It is the foundation of any relationship. If there is no mutual trust, you cannot take a step towards love. Fans have to feel that the mark of his loves are not going to fail, they can rely on her and will always be there to help, if necessary.

Have a human side and therefore vulnerable. We all make mistakes and marks as well. But is not that serious mistake, as obviate the problem and not recognize its share of responsibility. This does generate disapproval and frustration among fans. Instead, acknowledge a mistake is all an act of courage, which have a positive impact on the image of the company.

Be modest. Humility is a virtue recognized. Far from the typical of movie stars eccentricities, always affable and close we emphasize the character of those who, being of the same stellar condition, behave like any other human being. Impositions, restrictions and requirements to reach a business but do not get her away from her fans, and spoil that special aura that once defined them.

They arrived at this point did brands will worry about getting fans, or will continue to fight every day to catch customers?

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