Creativity and Transparency: Most important factors for advertisers when choosing an agency

According to the report “AgencyScope”, a study by Grupo Consultores through which the trends of the advertising industry and the reputation and image of advertising agencies and media in Argentina are analyzed in depth, creativity and transparency are the Most prominent features by advertisers when choosing agency.

For the elaboration of the report, more than 200 interviews with the most important advertisers in Argentina were carried out in order to gather the opinion about 50 advertising agencies and 20 media agencies.

Among the main conclusions of this new study highlights, creativity, as the most prominent factor for advertisers when choosing an advertising agency.

In turn, the report highlights that Argentine advertisers are the most demanding in Latin America in terms of creativity, so when selecting an agency, this factor is decisive for 98%.

In this sense, 74% of Argentine advertisers recognize that their agency brings them original creativity and 69% consider that creativity is effective. This implies that despite the high level of creativity, the importance given to efficiency is not so important.

In terms of relations between agencies and advertisers, Argentina is positioned as one of the countries where these relationships are more durable since 80% of advertisers say they are satisfied with their agency and given the high level of satisfaction, only 14% of the advertisers is thinking about changing agency.

In parallel, transparency is the most influential criterion for 93% of advertisers when choosing a media agency, this being the main reason that in most cases leads advertisers to change their agency.

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