Creating our own circle of trust in Social Media

Social Media is an environment that is characterized by the relationships between users. It breathes a climate of peace and harmony where all its members interact and expect that reciprocity from others. Gone was the era in which the relationship between brands and customers was unidirectional and exclusively commercial. Today, the brand must play the role of Robert de Niro, acting as the main promoter of the Circle of Trust, where it establishes the necessary norms for this relationship of mutual trust to be effective …

The Circle of Trust has a clearly defined objective, knows what characteristics define its members and how to address them.

  • The entrance and membership to the Circle is totally free and free; its members can access it whenever they wish, as well as belong to it with full rights and interact; as long as they respect the established rules.
  • Listen and attend before speaking. Active listening is practiced here, which is very useful for the integration of its members, since their needs and opinions are taken into account in order to offer an effective response.
  • From self-promotion, to engagement. Messages are no longer launched with an intentionally commercial purpose, aimed at manipulating the will of the integrating parties. The way to get the favor of the community is to foster relationships, interactivity and the feeling of belonging.
  • A place where questions always have an answer. It is important that any component of the community can raise their needs with the assurance that there is someone who listens to him, knowing that he is taken into account. All the integral parts are important, and as such deserve attentions and benefits.
  • From information, to conversation. No information is issued, but the topics are openly consulted, put in common. Out of that conversation come fruitful proposals and new ways of working to obtain the common good.
  • Community versus audience. It is not a sect, where there is a spiritual leader who speaks without stopping himself and the benefits of his religion. We are in a kind of club, a meeting place where all parties have the same role and enjoy identical opportunities to express themselves and make themselves heard.
  • From dictatorship to democracy. In this area, the imperative message has been left aside to move towards a personal, intimate and direct approach, one on one. The members are expected to contribute their bit and actively participate so that the Circle of Confidence can expand its area of ​​action and grow in quantity and quality.

Have you already created your Circle of Confidence? What are the premises on which it is based?

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