Content is the King and a weapon for your business

The Online Publishers Association (equivalent to the Association of the Press in America) has published a study according to which the content on the Internet has come to capture most of the time of the users of the Network.

The published data represent an important growth compared to four years ago, and support the creation and dissemination of content by companies as a marketing weapon.

The study, published by the OPA recently leaves no doubt as to the trend that is taking place. We are going to translate and evaluate some of the conclusions:

– “The use of internet for communications (e-mail, messaging, etc.) occupied 46% of the time of consumers in 2003. A major change has occurred since then, since now the time occupied by Internet users to consume content online is 47%, compared to 34% four years ago.The 37% increase in online content consumption is closely followed by the search, with 35% growth, however, the total time dedicated to searches remains relatively low, with only 5% of the time spent online (…) ”

-” The predominant role that the content is adopting is due to several factors, the first is the transfer of “off” activities. line “to the online environment, such as accessing news, entertainment, or checking the time (…)”

– “The new possibilities and online communities are also leading consumers to spend more time online.” Consumers have begun to spend considerable amounts of time on social networks, which are serving not only as points to access content but also as important vehicles. of communication (…) ”

Other data found by the OPA conclude that: –

A much faster and more accessible Internet is leading to more time spent online

-The growing popularity of video leads to spending more time online.

-The improvement of searches leads users to find more quickly and easily the content they are looking for, increasing the chances of getting involved in some way with what they find.

-The website offers more content than four years ago, thus increasing its participation in the users’ time.

The increase in instant messaging is a key communication tool that has contributed to the decrease in communication time. The MI is a vehicle of communication more efficient than email.

I would like to make some conclusions for advertisers and companies that want to promote themselves on the Internet .:

a) Having a website is having a business card, but … who accesses it and how is it distributed? Creating content on the Internet helps to publicize your company’s website and its activities.

b) For a company, creating online content can take several forms, the most popular at the moment are corporate blogs.

c) Other forms of online content are also in favor of the trend: electronic bulletins, videos, etc.

d) Social networks continue to advance step by step as a marketing tool: offering to participate to members of your organization, or your customers to consult or create content of all kinds does not have to be a long and expensive project with the right tools.

In short, the public spends more time to access and participate in online content. The trend represents an opportunity for advertisers in general. But above all it represents a great opportunity for those organizations with the vision and initiative to create contents, oriented to their respective audiences.

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