Consumers have realized that they are the ones who have the power

Technology and the crisis have been key factors for buyers to catch up and seek the best prices, these changes in consumer buying trends have caused companies to catch up on marketing tactics to convert to consumers who doubt buyers. One of them, based on algorithms, comes from the political sector and has been adapted to the commercial world by companies such as Home Depot.

According to John Ross, CEO of Shopper Sciences and CMO of Home Depot, “consumers have realized that they are the ones who have the power, every time they access more information via the Internet and there are sites like Groupon that allow them to acquire products with great discounts. The crisis has played a fundamental role in this new scenario and when this gap is overcome, consumers will continue to request the same discounts. ”

Store managers must become better editors, consumers know that they can not only get a good price but a good product at a good price and make reviews and comments about products that those responsible should be aware of in order to have a suitable stock with those preferences, preferences that must be analyzed locally since they vary between countries and even between regions of the same country.

Another of the purchasing trends detected is the increase in the sale of white goods, consumers think that it is not smart to buy the same product at twice the price because there is a brand behind and this must also be taken into account by those responsible of marketing.

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